Who the course is for?

  • Developers with some knowledge of F#
  • Who want to understand how modern databases are built using functional principles
  • Who want to know how to build and release a complete F# project
  • For this course we advise that you already have F# installed and ready to go.
  • Before taking this course ensure you understand F# syntax.
  • If you need to learn how to do these things, check out our FREE introduction course.

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Course highlights

In this course, you'll create your own database and learn the core concepts of database design. We'll use functional ideas to build a modern database, and look at how existing project use functional principles in their design.

Create your own F# NoSQL database

Understand database theory such as the CAP theorem

Learn the functional concepts used in modern databases

Go beyond unit tests with performance and usage testing

Learn some key ideas for distributed systems

Content listing

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NoSQL Databases with F#

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