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Dive straight into F# programming with our FREE intro course! (courtesy of Xamarin). Already familiar with F#? Then check out some more advanced courses.

F# is an open source, cross-platform, functional programming language. It is especially well suited to developing mobile apps, web applications, distributed computing, and machine learning.

What our students say...

"This course helped me to get deeper in my understanding of F#. Short yet fun and spicy" Andrew Williams (Intro course)

"To the point F# examples and stuff that you can do with it" Michal Lacko (Functional F# course)

"Excellent intro to programming with F#. Highly recommended!" Helge Stahlmann (Intro course)


Our Courses

Build a web server based on Suave

Build your own web server from the ground up, covering the basics of how Suave is currently developed.

F# in the Workplace: Domain Modelling & TDD

Have you wanted to understand how to 'do' F# in your day job? This course demonstrates how you can use Test Driven Development and the F# type system in tandem to write a domain for any problem you are attempting to solve.

£173 £92 FIND OUT MORE >

Functional Programming with F#

Learn how to create and release your own library and take your first steps with machine learning.

£56 £29 FIND OUT MORE >

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Our courses are completely project based. You’ll complete a new real-world project for every section. This means that you’ll retain more information, and be able to understand F# better, without it feeling like more work.


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